What happens after the home inspection?

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

After the inspection has been completed usually you receive your report and never see your home inspector again.We are different! We would like to continue the relationship and help you out in the future. You will receive a home maintenance book "Now that You've Had a Home Inspection" and will link you, your realtor and your appliances to our home maintenance system Home Binder. What's in this for me?

Repair list

Home Binder will give your realtor the opportunity to create a repair list with actual estimates from qualified contractors without making a single phone call or wasting valuable time compiling the repair list themselves. Simplifying the process for your realtor will speed up your home negotiations and ultimately help you reach your move in goals.

Maintenance reminders

You will receive a lifetime subscription to home maintenance reminders such as your gutter clean or annual HVAC tune up. let's face it, we all get caught up in living life and forget that our home has a life of its own. Should you even need a reliable qualified contractor, we got your back. In your Home Binder package you will find a list of contractors we trust and have inspected before. We always recommend you do your due diligence and check them out for yourself.

Appliance Recall

Your appliances are the life of the house, the stove and the fridge take #1 of course! We are here to help you keep them working or replace when time comes. Your package includes a lifetime recall check on all appliances with the option of adding more in the future as you make new purchases.


As part of your package we offer a peace of mind on move in day. Just imagine the refrigerator broke down just a few days before moving in...where would those cold beers go? We hope you would never have to experience this dilemma which is why we set you up with some warranties:

90 Days Appliance Repair and Replacement Warranty

90 Days Water and Sewer Protection Warranty

90 Days Mold Protection Warranty

1 Year Roof Leak Protection

Your inner peace is important to us and we like to keep it where it belongs- with your loved ones! We will also call you within a week after the inspection to ensure that we answer any questions. If you need a re-inspection of repaired items we will be happy to help you out for a minimal fee. You can also call us, text us or otherwise get our attention and we will always be a resource to you an d your new home.


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