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Condo Home Inspections LLC is a family owned and operated company serving the Chicagoland community. We take pride in our work and strive to provide the most detailed and thorough home inspections available on the market. We use top of the line contemporary equipment and tools that allow us to inspect your property beyond the regular inspector checklist. Our impeccable and easy to read reports will give you confidence and knowledge that you can use in the negotiation process of purchasing a real estate property, selling a home, or simply understanding the current condition of your property. As an added benefit we will do a final walk-through before closing at a small charge upon request to assess any corrected issues. We know you are making a huge investment and we will make sure your inspection is a wise one too.

Who we are

We are the new generation of home inspection companies that got away from the typical one man with a checklist inspection process. At Condo Home Inspections LLC we bring technology to your service, from our state of the art Infrared cameras, drones, circuit analyzers, smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors to bore scope cameras and more. Our arsenal of tools is second to none and it comes as a standard.

Our inspectors are certified through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and licensed by the State of Illinois. Our inspectors continue to learn and grow staying on the cusp of the educational and technological advancements. They also have the heart of a teacher and will not miss the opportunity to teach you about your property.

Who we work for

The answer is simple- YOU! We are a family run and operated small minority business that strives to excel and set the standard for the industry by treating you as part of our family. With us you will never feel rushed, pressured or treated without the utmost level of respect and service no matter the property size or cost. We do not get paid when you buy the property so we have no interest in convincing you to do so; we observe and report without bias.

Why Choose Us Over the Competitors?

  • While everyone else follows the industry standards of practice (SOPs), we go above and beyond those minimum requirements

  • We bring a full arsenal of tools including our state of the art Infrared cameras, drones and ladders to every inspection

  • If we cannot walk on your roof, we will summon the drones to your service. Our inspectors are Drone Operator Certified

  • And if that's not enough, we offer you a peace of mind by backing our work with:

  • 90 Day Buy Back Warranty

  • 90 Day Water & Sewer Line Protection

  • 90 Day Mold Protection

  • 1 Year Leak Repair Coverage for Your Roof

  • Lifetime Recall Check on Appliances

  • 20 USD Visual Re-inspection of Seller updates

  • We also give you (for free) a life long subscription to a home maintenance system that will hold your hand through the first years of home ownership and beyond

  • Our lead inspector has 30+ certifications in various categories within the home inspection industry and we can prove it. Check out a sample of our certifications below:

First time home buyer? Look no further, our inspector has the heart of a teacher and will take extra time to explain how your home works. 

Your Inspection report will be prepared detailed yet easy to read and understand. Your report will include pictures for you to visualize safety issues discovered


Main Services

Ancillary Services

Pre-listing inspection is a sellers' inspection. Sellers have a home inspector inspect their home prior to getting it on the market. Having this inspection completed allows them to provide information for the disclosure statement and gives them the opportunity to correct any issues. The pre-listing inspection is a great marketing tool for the seller and a peace of mind for the anxious buyer. Sellers can provide the report to the buyer and show documentation of the corrected issues.

Buyers inspections is for those purchasing a home. Buyers want to be educated about the condition of the home and its systems prior to making a huge financial and emotional investment. The home inspection gives the buyer the ability to make an educated and informed decision about the purchase of a home. No one should have to deal with unexpected repairs as soon as you move into a new home, neither should you. Knowledge is power, know your new home.

Home warranty inspection is for homeowners that have a warranty on their home that may be expiring soon. Usually this inspection is performed in the tenth or eleventh month of the warranty period to detect any issues prior to the warranty expiration. The homeowner can have the issues corrected free of charge, as long as the warranty covers those particular defects.  Homeowners are encouraged to read the warranty policy or insurance policy for coverage details.

Homeowner inspection is an inspection for homeowners that want to understand the condition of their current home. If you own a home that did not have a pre-purchase or buyer inspection, a homeowner inspection can help you assess the condition and needs of your home. This inspection will give you helpful information if you are planning to remodel or make any changes to your home. Your unbiased and detailed inspection will get you on a good start.

Moisture Intrusion inspections are offered as a walk and talk service only. The main focus of the inspection is to observe and detect how moisture is being leaked, or intruded into a property. We use thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, bore scope cameras, ladders and drones to identify the source of the problem. Homeowners are welcome to take down notes.

Mold Testing is usually followed after a moisture intrusion inspection has been performed. If we suspect fungi growth present customers are invited to hire us to perform a mold testing service. We will take at a minimum 2 samples both air or surface sampling. Any extra samples will be an additional charge. We will then send the samples to a laboratory. Once done that, the results are normally ready within 24 hours. We will send you the report and further discuss the results. If both moisture intrusion and mold testing services are combined we can offer a reduced price. 

Radon Testing (Only offered when combined with our standard home inspection service) is a  service that we offer through a third party company called Radon Detection Specialists, Inc. We utilize a database system that allows us to inform our clients what the radon levels are in the area they are trying to purchase. We recommend a radon test performed if the percentage of homes that tested at or above the action level is 30% or more. 

Roof Inspections  are perfect for those who already own a property and need only their roof to be inspected.  We will walk and talk issues found. Clients are welcome to take down notes for future reference. We use a combination of ladders, surface walking and drone (if needed).

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**Service prices depend on various factors such as size, age, property type and location**